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Our Mission

Beginning as a small glass machinery repair shop in 1952, Maul Technology has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of glass container production equipment.

Maul Technology's employees have remained loyal to its Company motto of "Serving the Needs of the Glass Industry Worldwide" by focusing on its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Throughout the years, Maul Technology has provided product and process innovations which have addressed the needs of our valued customers throughout the world. We have continually broadened our product range relative to mechanical components and mechanisms, as well as electrical control systems.

Maul maintains facilities in Winchester, Indiana and Sunderland, England and is recognized as an innovator in the development of sophisticated, high-speed IS machinery.  In addition to producing a wide range of  IS machines and modular sections, both new and remanufactured in all center distances, the company also supplies conveyors and conversion kits to increase the productive capacity of existing glass production equipment.  Maul's sophisticated inventory control systems assure rapid location and delivery of needed parts, assemblies, and controls.

With nearly five decades of experience in machine design, plant layout, production and field service, Maul Technology provides technical expertise and assistance in all facets of glass production - from machine manufacturing and rebuilding, to quality spare parts.